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Philipp Plein (PP) is a talented entrepreneur who has captured a segment of the luxury apparel market by taking the opposite direction from traditional codes of good taste and elegance. Launched in 2004, his company, located in Lugano, Switzerland, employs more than 700 people, brings together three brands (Philipp Plein, Plein Sport and Billionaire Couture) and has more than 160 points of sale worldwide. The name is synonymous with glitzy fashion shows, where trucks unload convoys of short-dressed beauties and tattooed men who ride mechanicals, where the catwalk, which can host jet skis, a helicopter or a roller coaster, ends up being transformed into a concert, a funfair or a car race - everything seems possible with PP.

On social networks, his happenings are a hit and cohabit harmoniously with photos of his home in Cannes called "The King's Jungle", his "castle" under construction in Los Angeles, his showroom with a view of Central Park in New York, his trips in private jet, his Ferraris, Rolls, Lamborghinis... Philipp Plein embodies a lifestyle, that of the self-made man who enjoys his money without a care in the world, turning away from morality and healthy lifestyle.

Philipp Plein grew up in Munich in a wealthy family; pragmatically, he first considered becoming a lawyer, because "our lives are based on contracts". But his legal studies were short-lived. "I find it very depressing to be a lawyer on a daily basis, to go to court and be dependent on a system that doesn't work well. There are laws that allow other laws, niches... Anyway, I loved my studies, but I started designing dog beds." The relentless logic Philipp Plein.

The idea of entrepreneurship came from his mother. She had bought Burberry cushions for her puppies, which were destroyed in two swipes of her claws. PP figured there was a market for the durable luxury dog bed. "So I went to my room, drew a picture [...]. I registered my trademark in 1998, I was 20 years old."  The dog business didn't prove so lucrative, so he turned to furniture. "I made this crocodile desk, it was a big hit. It was before Fendi Casa, Armani Casa... I was the first and people were crazy about it, I could make it in any color. Shiny, matte. I really made money with it." 

Philipp Plein still started with 20,000 deutschemarks, from his late grandfather, he never had to deal with investors, and never took on any debts or loans at the bank.

Philipp Plein, who has little competition, appeals to footballers and rappers. PP's style is not original, but he assumes it. Nobody reinvents anything in fashion and neither do we," says Philipp Plein. The product is only secondary, it changes all the time. What remains is your name on your stores, your brand image. You only sell dreams. And we've invented a new way to communicate the dream to people."

To make himself known, Philipp Plein has taken up the idea of building a tribe like a Riccardo Tisci or an Olivier Rousteing, and has chosen to surround himself only with people who are already extremely influential on the Net: singers (Madonna, Nicki Minaj or Fergie), rappers (Lacrim, Chris Brown, Snoop Dog...), crazy it-girls (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan), popular models, including Jeremy Meeks, an ex-con who became famous after his mugshot was released.

In addition to these mainstream stars, Philipp Plein has paid for the services of very famous professionals: the stylist Carine Roitfeld, the fashion show producer Etienne Russo, the photographer Steven Klein, the press office Karla Otto ... Today, we continue to talk about him as a joke.

In short, the character and his brands are inseparable, despite everything Philipp Plein has designed beautiful things in terms of furniture and interior design, wall decorations, furniture elements such as desks, lamps, chairs ...

Interview by Elvire von Bardeleben


Interior furnished with Philipp Plein furniture elements.

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Interior furnished with Philipp Plein furniture elements.

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